how to help a friend


If you know someone who is being abused, do not look the other way.

  • Let her/him know you are concerned about her/him. Offer to listen.
  • Respect her/his choices, but encourage her/him to talk with professionals about safety issues.
  • Offer as much help as you can, but do not take risks with your own safety. Examples of help: childcare, transportation, a place to stay, a job, lending money.


If a victim’s partner has ever threatened them, physically harmed them or otherwise made their partner afraid for their safety, taking action to leave, separate or divorce may put a victim in greater danger. Please call Georgia’s 24-Hour domestic violence hotline, 1.800.33.HAVEN (1.800.334.2836) V/TTY to talk to an advocate about how to plan for safety or how you can assist a friend that may be experiencing domestic violence.  An advocate can talk to victims, friends and family to plan for safety.  They may be able to offer resources in your community or give you or your family support.  Domestic violence programs offer victims and their families a variety of services in the community and are there to support you 24 hours a day.

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